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Drinking Water Solutions for Home, Offices & Businesses

Awetech Works stands as a leader in the industry, providing innovative Drinking Water Solutions that ensure purity and safety in every drop. Our comprehensive range of Clean Water Solutions caters to homes, offices, and businesses, delivering tailored systems that meet diverse needs. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and environmental sustainability, our Purified Drinking Water Systems guarantee clean, safe water for all. From compact home units to industrial-grade systems for large enterprises, Awetech Works is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of our clients. Serving numerous regions across India, we are committed to making high-quality drinking water accessible to everyone.

Our Drinking Water Solutions

RO Water Purifier

Awetech Works RO Water Purifier offers state-of-the-art technology to ensure every drop of water is pure, safe, and refreshing. Engineered for both home and office use, our RO water purifier guarantees superior filtration, providing you with the best drinking water solutions available.

Water Softener

Awetech Works Water Softener is your ultimate solution for combating hard water problems, ensuring your water is gentle on skin, appliances, and plumbing. With advanced technology and robust performance, our water softeners guarantee soft, clean water for your home and business needs.

Disinfection & Purification

Awetech Works offers state-of-the-art disinfection and purification solutions, ensuring that every drop of water is not only clean but also safe from harmful pathogens. Our advanced technologies and innovative methods guarantee the highest standards of water quality for homes, offices, and businesses.

Water ATM

Awetech Works Water ATM provides an innovative, convenient solution for accessing purified drinking water 24/7, ensuring clean and safe water is available to everyone. Our Water ATMs are strategically placed to serve communities, promoting health and sustainability with each drop.

customer testimonials

We installed Awetech Works' drinking water solutions in our Lucknow office, and the difference in water quality is remarkable. Their service is top-notch.

Satisfied Customer, Lucknow

Thanks to Awetech Works, our Kanpur factory now has a reliable and clean drinking water supply. Highly recommend their solutions.

Satisfied Customer, Kanpur

Awetech Works provided an excellent water filtration system for our hotel in Agra. Guests have commented on the fresh-tasting water.

Satisfied Customer, Agra

Our school in Varanasi has greatly benefited from the drinking water solution installed by Awetech Works. The kids love the fresh water.

Satisfied Customer, Varanasi

In Indore, finding clean drinking water was a challenge until we partnered with Awetech Works. Their system is both efficient and reliable.

Satisfied Customer, Indore

Awetech Works transformed our office's water quality in Bhopal. We now have fresh, clean water available all day long.

Satisfied Customer, Bhopal

The drinking water solution provided by Awetech Works for our Jabalpur facility is fantastic. The team was professional and efficient.

Satisfied Customer, Jabalpur

Our community center in Gwalior now enjoys crystal clear drinking water thanks to Awetech Works. The installation process was seamless.

Satisfied Customer, Gwalior

Awetech Works' solutions have made a huge difference in our Ujjain office. The water quality is excellent, and the maintenance is hassle-free.

Satisfied Customer, Ujjain

The water purification system installed in our Jaipur office by Awetech Works has been a game-changer. We highly recommend their services.

Satisfied Customer, Jaipur

Awetech Works provided a reliable drinking water solution for our school in Jodhpur. The children now have access to clean and safe water.

Satisfied Customer, Jodhpur

Our factory in Kota faced water quality issues until we installed Awetech Works' system. The difference is night and day.

Satisfied Customer, Kota

Thanks to Awetech Works, our hotel in Bikaner now offers guests the purest drinking water. Their customer service is exceptional.

Satisfied Customer, Bikaner

Awetech Works installed a state-of-the-art water purification system in our Ajmer office. The water tastes great and is always available.

Satisfied Customer, Ajmer

In Srinagar, finding clean drinking water was difficult, but Awetech Works' solution has changed that. We are extremely satisfied.

Satisfied Customer, Srinagar

Our Jammu office now has access to clean drinking water, thanks to Awetech Works. Their installation team was professional and quick.

Satisfied Customer, Jammu

Awetech Works' water filtration system in our Ahmedabad factory has drastically improved the water quality. We couldn't be happier.

Satisfied Customer, Ahmedabad

Our office in Surat now enjoys fresh, purified water all day long. Awetech Works did an amazing job with the installation.

Satisfied Customer, Surat

The water purification system from Awetech Works in our Vadodara facility has been a blessing. The water quality is impeccable.

Satisfied Customer, Vadodara

Awetech Works provided an excellent solution for our Rajkot office. The water is clean, and their customer support is outstanding.

Satisfied Customer, Rajkot

Our Bhavnagar factory now has access to high-quality drinking water thanks to Awetech Works. We highly recommend their services.

Satisfied Customer, Bhavnagar

Awetech Works' drinking water solution in our Ludhiana office has been a great success. The water tastes fresh and pure.

Satisfied Customer, Ludhiana

Our Amritsar facility now enjoys clean, safe drinking water, thanks to Awetech Works. Their team was professional and efficient.

Satisfied Customer, Amritsar

The water quality in our Jalandhar office has improved significantly since we installed Awetech Works' system. Highly recommend them.

Satisfied Customer, Jalandhar

Awetech Works provided a top-notch drinking water solution for our Patiala office. The water is fresh and always available.

Satisfied Customer, Patiala

Our Bathinda factory now has a reliable source of clean drinking water, thanks to Awetech Works. Their service is exceptional.

Satisfied Customer, Bathinda

The drinking water solution installed by Awetech Works in our Delhi office has been fantastic. The water quality is top-notch.

Satisfied Customer, Delhi

Our Gurgaon office now enjoys purified water, thanks to Awetech Works. Their system is efficient and easy to maintain.

Satisfied Customer, Gurgaon

Awetech Works provided a reliable water purification system for our Noida facility. The water is always fresh and clean.

Satisfied Customer, Noida

Thanks to Awetech Works, our Faridabad office now has access to high-quality drinking water. Their service and support are excellent.

Satisfied Customer, Faridabad

We Offer Drinking Solutions for

Residential Buildings Awetech Works offers advanced drinking water solutions tailored for residential buildings, ensuring clean, safe, and reliable water supply to enhance daily living standards.
Apartments and Housing Complexes Our systems are designed for apartments and housing complexes, providing centralized purification solutions that guarantee fresh and pure water for all residents.
Hotels We cater to hotels with bespoke drinking water solutions, ensuring guests enjoy high-quality, contaminant-free water throughout their stay, enhancing overall guest satisfaction.
Restaurants and Cafes Awetech Works delivers efficient water purification systems for restaurants and cafes, ensuring safe and great-tasting water for cooking and beverages, enhancing culinary experiences.
Hospitals We provide hospitals with state-of-the-art water purification systems that ensure a constant supply of sterile and safe water critical for patient care and hygiene.
Clinics Our water solutions for clinics focus on delivering pure and safe water essential for medical treatments and maintaining high health standards.
Schools Awetech Works ensures that schools have access to clean drinking water, promoting the health and well-being of students and staff alike.
Colleges and Universities We offer robust water purification systems for colleges and universities, supporting a healthy learning environment with safe and clean drinking water.
Offices Our drinking water solutions for offices enhance workplace well-being by providing employees with easy access to purified and safe drinking water.
Factories We install specialized water purification systems in factories to ensure that workers have access to safe drinking water, promoting health and productivity.
Manufacturing Plants Awetech Works provides manufacturing plants with comprehensive water treatment solutions to maintain high standards of water quality for both consumption and operational needs.
Pharmaceutical Companies Our tailored solutions for pharmaceutical companies ensure ultra-pure water, essential for manufacturing and laboratory processes, meeting stringent industry standards.
Chemical Industries We deliver advanced water purification systems for chemical industries, ensuring that the water used in processes is free from contaminants and meets safety regulations.
Food and Beverage Industries Awetech Works supports food and beverage industries with reliable water solutions that ensure the highest quality of water for production, maintaining safety and taste standards.
Supermarkets We offer supermarkets efficient water purification systems for drinking water dispensers, ensuring customers have access to safe and clean water.
Shopping Malls Our water solutions for shopping malls provide centralized, purified water supplies, ensuring a safe and pleasant shopping experience for all visitors.
Public Parks Awetech Works installs water purification systems in public parks to ensure visitors have access to clean and safe drinking water, enhancing public health.
Community Centers We provide community centers with reliable drinking water solutions, supporting the health and well-being of the local community.
Airports Our advanced water purification systems ensure that airports offer safe and clean drinking water to passengers and staff, maintaining high health standards.
Railway Stations Awetech Works ensures railway stations are equipped with efficient drinking water solutions, providing travelers with access to safe and clean water.
Bus Terminals We offer bus terminals water purification systems that ensure travelers have reliable access to safe drinking water during their journeys.
Sports Complexes Our solutions for sports complexes guarantee that athletes and spectators have access to clean, purified drinking water, promoting health and performance.
Gyms and Fitness Centers We provide gyms and fitness centers with state-of-the-art water purification systems, ensuring members have access to safe and refreshing water.
Swimming Pools Awetech Works ensures swimming pools have access to purified water, promoting health and safety for swimmers.
Spas and Wellness Centers Our water solutions for spas and wellness centers provide pure and safe water, enhancing relaxation and health benefits for clients.
Religious Places (Temples, Mosques, Churches, etc.) We offer reliable drinking water solutions for religious places, ensuring congregations have access to clean and safe water during worship.
Military Bases Awetech Works delivers robust and reliable water purification systems for military bases, ensuring personnel have access to safe drinking water in all conditions.
Remote Villages We provide remote villages with sustainable drinking water solutions, enhancing access to clean water and improving public health.
Urban Slums Our affordable water solutions for urban slums aim to provide safe and clean drinking water, improving the quality of life for residents.
Construction Sites Awetech Works ensures construction sites are equipped with reliable drinking water systems, supporting the health and productivity of workers.
Mining Sites We offer specialized water purification solutions for mining sites, ensuring safe drinking water is available in these remote and challenging environments.
Agricultural Farms Our water solutions for agricultural farms ensure that farm workers have access to safe and clean drinking water, promoting health and productivity.
Greenhouses Awetech Works provides greenhouses with advanced water purification systems, ensuring the health and quality of crops and plants.
Horticultural Nurseries We offer water solutions for horticultural nurseries, ensuring a reliable supply of purified water essential for plant growth and maintenance.
Dairy Farms Our tailored solutions for dairy farms provide clean and safe water, crucial for animal health and high-quality milk production.
Poultry Farms Awetech Works delivers effective water purification systems for poultry farms, ensuring birds have access to safe and clean water, enhancing overall farm health.
Fishing Ports We provide fishing ports with reliable water purification solutions, ensuring that workers and processing activities have access to safe and clean water.
Cruise Ships Our water purification systems for cruise ships ensure passengers and crew have access to high-quality, safe drinking water throughout their voyage.
Ferries Awetech Works offers ferries robust water solutions, guaranteeing safe and clean drinking water for all passengers and crew members.
Water Treatment Plants We support water treatment plants with advanced technologies that enhance the purification process, ensuring high standards of water quality.
Laboratories Our solutions for laboratories ensure access to ultra-pure water, essential for accurate testing and research activities.
Research Facilities Awetech Works provides research facilities with reliable water purification systems, supporting high standards of cleanliness and accuracy in experiments.
IT Parks We offer IT parks efficient water solutions, ensuring that all employees have access to safe and clean drinking water, promoting a healthy work environment.
Convention Centers Our water solutions for convention centers ensure that attendees have access to purified drinking water, enhancing their overall experience.
Exhibition Halls Awetech Works provides exhibition halls with reliable drinking water systems, ensuring visitors and exhibitors have access to safe and clean water.
Government Offices We install advanced water purification systems in government offices, ensuring a consistent supply of safe drinking water for all employees.
Embassies and Consulates Our tailored water solutions for embassies and consulates ensure diplomats and staff have access to high-quality, purified drinking water, maintaining health and well-being.

About Drinking Water Solutions

Ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water is essential for health and well-being. Drinking Water Solutions encompass a variety of methods and technologies designed to provide purified water for homes, offices, and businesses. These solutions address the need for Clean Water Solutions, catering to the diverse requirements of different environments.

Home Drinking Water Solutions

For households, Drinking Water Solutions for Home include a range of systems from simple water filters to advanced purification technologies. Home Drinking Water Solutions such as under-sink filters, countertop purifiers, and whole-house filtration systems ensure that every tap in your home dispenses Safe Drinking Water Solutions. These systems remove contaminants like chlorine, lead, and bacteria, providing Clean Drinking Water Solutions that are essential for cooking, drinking, and hygiene.

Office Drinking Water Solutions

In a corporate environment, Office Drinking Water Solutions are crucial for maintaining employee health and productivity. Systems such as bottleless water coolers, which are connected directly to the water supply, offer a continuous supply of Purified Drinking Water Systems. These Drinking Water Solutions for Business eliminate the need for bottled water, reducing plastic waste and ensuring a constant availability of clean, safe water.

Drinking Water Solutions for Business

Beyond offices, businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and manufacturing units also require reliable Drinking Water Solutions for Business. Industrial-grade filtration systems and reverse osmosis units provide large-scale Clean Water Solutions. These systems are capable of handling high water demands while ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.

Clean Drinking Water Solutions

The core of all these systems is the commitment to Clean Drinking Water Solutions. Advanced technologies like UV purification, activated carbon filters, and reverse osmosis ensure that water is free from harmful contaminants. These Safe Drinking Water Solutions protect against waterborne diseases and provide peace of mind that the water you consume is of the highest quality.

Purified Drinking Water Systems

Investing in a Purified Drinking Water System means prioritizing health and sustainability. Whether it’s for a home, office, or business, these systems are designed to provide consistent, high-quality water. They reduce the reliance on single-use plastic bottles and contribute to environmental conservation.

In summary, Drinking Water Solutions are versatile and essential for maintaining good health across various settings. From Home Drinking Water Solutions to Office Drinking Water Solutions and Drinking Water Solutions for Business, the goal is to provide Clean Drinking Water Solutions that are safe, reliable, and efficient. By implementing these systems, you ensure access to Purified Drinking Water Systems that support both personal well-being and environmental sustainability

About Drinking Water Solutions from Awetech Works

Awetech Works is a renowned name in the industry, dedicated to providing top-notch Drinking Water Solutions. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we specialize in delivering Clean Water Solutions for a variety of settings, including homes, offices, and businesses. Our extensive range of products and services ensures that we meet the diverse needs of our clients. From Home Drinking Water Solutions to Office Drinking Water Solutions, and Drinking Water Solutions for Business, Awetech Works provides customized solutions that guarantee access to Safe Drinking Water Solutions.

Our Expertise

At Awetech Works, we understand the critical importance of clean and safe water. Our Purified Drinking Water Systems incorporate cutting-edge technology to remove contaminants and provide pure, refreshing water. Whether it’s a compact system for a household or an industrial-grade solution for a business, our offerings are designed to deliver the highest quality Clean Drinking Water Solutions.

Served Locations

We proudly serve a wide array of locations across India, ensuring that communities have access to reliable Drinking Water Solutions. Our service areas include – Uttar Pradesh (UP), Kanpur, Lucknow , Ghaziabad , Agra, Varanasi , Madhya Pradesh (MP), Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Ujjain, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Bikaner, Ajmer, Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Srinagar, Jammu, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Punjab, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, Bathinda, Delhi National Capital (NCR), Delhi, Gurgaon (Gurugram), Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Thane, Nashik

Our Commitment

At Awetech Works, our mission is to ensure that every drop of water you drink is pure, safe, and healthy. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing Safe Drinking Water Solutions that cater to your specific needs. We are constantly evolving and adapting to the latest technologies to offer Clean Water Solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

We take pride in our reputation as leaders in the industry, driven by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Join us in our journey to make clean, safe drinking water accessible to everyone.

For more information about our Drinking Water Solutions, contact Awetech Works today. Together, let’s build a healthier future with pure and safe water.

What Makes Us Different ?

Right Approch

“We Always Begin With The End In Mind”
Effluent Characteristics & Site Conditions Total cost of ownership over 10 Years of lifetime. Legal Compliance and desired treated water parameters.

Clean Commitment

“Do Not Say Maybe If You Want To Say No”
On time project execution, periodic Operation and Maintenance training and perfect paperwork is our core strength. We consider our job is done when our client gets habitual of using the recycled water and gets all legal clearance from authorities.

Expert Solutions

“One Size Does Not Fit All”
Our team of experts creates the most economical, efficient and Maintenance free design that will be best for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Awetech Works provides a wide range of solutions including home drinking water systems, office water coolers, and industrial-grade purification systems for businesses.

Our experts at Awetech Works can assess your home's water quality needs and recommend the best filtration or purification system tailored to your requirements.

Yes, many of our systems are designed to reduce plastic waste by eliminating the need for bottled water, promoting environmental sustainability.

Absolutely. Our systems utilize advanced filtration technologies such as activated carbon and reverse osmosis to effectively remove a wide range of contaminants.

Yes, Awetech Works offers comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your water systems continue to operate at peak performance.

Yes, we specialize in providing scalable solutions that meet the high demands of industrial settings, ensuring clean and safe water for all operations.

Filter replacement frequency varies depending on usage and water quality. Our team can advise on a suitable maintenance schedule tailored to your system.

Absolutely. We offer customizable systems that can address specific water quality issues, ensuring you receive the cleanest and safest drinking water possible.

Yes, our systems typically come with manufacturer warranties to protect your investment in clean water solutions.

Yes, many of our systems are designed for easy installation. Our technicians can also provide professional installation services if needed.

Definitely. Our advanced filtration and purification technologies are designed not only to remove contaminants but also to enhance the taste and clarity of water.

Some of our systems do require electricity, especially those with advanced purification technologies like UV treatment and reverse osmosis.

Yes, investing in our drinking water solutions can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing reliance on bottled water and improving overall water efficiency.

Yes, our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing plumbing infrastructure, making installation straightforward and hassle-free.

Simply contact us to schedule a consultation. Our experts will assess your needs, recommend suitable solutions, and guide you through the process from installation to maintenance.

Join Over +15,000 Happy Clients!

"Economical Recycling for Efficient Reuse"

Salient Features

Concept to Commissioning

In-house team for Design. Engineering, Martufacturing, Execution and Service support gives full control over project ownership and quality

Experienced Team

Entire team possess average Industrial Experience of 7+ Year and have proven track record

Tailor Made Solutions

Our wide experience of solution design in multiple technologies enable us to choose technology that is most economical and efficient in long run.

Future Ready Products

Automation is the heart of every Awetech product. Our products performance can be monitored from remote location.

Life Cycle Management

We can take complete responsibility of product operation, maintenance, upgradation and comply latest pollution control board norms.

Comply Pollution Norms

Our design philosophy and documentation is in line with quidelines set by legal authorities. We provide support to take required approvals from pollution department

Our Design Philosophy

Analyze & Inspect

"You cannot improve those things which you can not evaluate”.
Analyze Water or Waste Water Parameters.
Inspect site to check availability of Space and utilities.

Understand Application

Our Sales professionals will take detailed note of your requirement & challenges. Factors like Future expansions, end use of Water and Water depletion rate plays a very important role product designing.

Technology Selection

" Wrong selection may save you some penny initially but take out far more during operation & maintenance”. Thus, technology selection considering the soaring prices of Electricity, Manpower, Space, chemical and consumables is essential.

Design & Manufacturing

As a standard procedure we first make to-the-scale 3D design of entire project with plumbing and other connections. After discussing it with client we starts manufacturing tailor made unit in our state-of-the-art facility.

Quality Inspection

Our Ever plant has to go through the stringent Quality test, where we test the strength of fabrication, Anti Corrosion coating, Dimensions, Water leakage test and product finishing.


    Served Locations

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